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Interviews for high-level professionals today are more sophisticated than ever.

You must be able to sell yourself and your achievements, translating your skills into benefits to the hiring manager.

The reality is, most candidates lose any chance at a job offer by making costly, yet avoidable mistakes. Even mature, savvy professionals like you!

You have more at stake, and may assume because of your advanced experience, some of the common-sense expectations of how to conduct yourself during an interview don’t apply to you.

You may even think that because you’ve been in the hiring executive’s position so often, conducting the interview, that one look at your resume and they’ll be tripping over themselves to hire you.

Don’t fall into this trap!

Learn the most important, yet ignored, behaviors for a successful interview that will leave an excellent impression

As a former hiring manager myself, I’ve seen some of the worst behaviors by what appear to be some of the most professional people in the industry.

Take these first-hand accounts as a warning of what not to do!

A survey of professional members of SHRM [Society for Human Resource Management] reveal common, yet avoidable mistakes that left the wrong kind of impression with the hiring company and cost candidates the job offers.

From cover letter to thank you card and all points in between, this resource gives you the clues to perform like a pro in your next interview.

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If you don’t know why you’d hire you, neither will they.

- Frank Sonnennberg, award-winning author, named one of America's Top 100 Thought Leaders in leadership and small business.

Convey your passion and link your strengths to measurable results. Employers and interviewers love concrete data.

- Marcus Buckingham, best-selling author and Founder of The Strengths Revolution

Most hiring managers interview a lot of people. So many that they generally have to go back to their notes to remember candidates - the exception being candidates with a strong hook. Sometimes these hooks are how people dress or their personality, but the best hook is a strong story that's work-related.

- Dr. Travis Bradberry, world-renowned expert on emotional intelligence in the workplace

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