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The Confidence You Need in Your Career, Right Now!

You’re a seasoned professional, that’s why you need tools tailored to your experience level.

Even as a mature individual in the mid- to advanced stages of your career journey, you still have questions about how to navigate career transition or job change.

Six Signs You Need Career Help, Now

Outdated Resume

If you haven’t looked at your resume in more than 3 years, super-charge it with powerful positioning messages that clearly define your key differentiators and open the right doors for you.

Rusty Interview Skills

Interviewers are underwhelmed by candidates lacking professionalism and articulation skills. Elevate yourself above the crowded marketplace by learning how to sell your value with confidence.

No Job Search Strategy

A savvy executive deploys the same strategic thinking to a job search as she does to running a division. This transferable skillset can be applied to job search and reduce the time spent in transition.

Stale Contact Network

Your contacts are your greatest career asset next to your experience! When you leverage deep relationships, you can skip the online job boards altogether and gain access to unpublished positions.

Technology Challenged

Gone are the days when you walk in to a business and ask to meet with an executive. Now, you must be able to utilize the various digital platforms to network and generate opportunities organically.

Salary Negotiation Blues

You can negotiate million dollar deals and aggressively hold the line on price increases from vendors. Negotiating the variables of a comp package requires the same dogged determination and flexibility.

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Get started TODAY by learning what dozens of HR experts agree you MUST do to capture, and KEEP, their attention to receive the job offer.

What Clients Say

A few kind words from people who've worked with us

I hired Wendy to assist me in a career change from Law Enforcement into a role that better suited my career goals and education. She was very helpful in bridging the gap illustrating in plain language how to create stories on my resume that painted a clear quantified story on my resume. Wendy was always on time and provided a high quality product that ultimately assisted me in finding a position that more than satisfied my hopes. The most beneficial service she offered me was the interview sessions. I had a habit of being too direct. She instructed me on strategies so that I could relate to interviewers. I would recommend Wendy to anyone seeking a career change. She is a great coach and explains strategies in a plain way.

—Cody Mulla 
Director, Security and Risk Management at Hillard Heintze

Wendy has worked with me to help round out my professional profile and has assisted me in better understanding how my personal and professional backgrounds can benefit various organizations. She has provided creative input that has allowed me to realize skills I was not paying much attention to and helped me build a new level of confidence to better approach professional situations and interviews. Wendy has been readily accessible to me for coaching sessions and advice, and I'll absolutely continue to utilize her coaching services regularly.

—Catherine E. Bartlett
IT Business Operations Manager at HomeBridge.

I had the opportunity to benefit from Wendy's expert knowledge as a career coach during the past few months. I was in a position of having to find a professional job after 20 years with the same employer and needed a professional coach to lead me in the right direction with an up to date knowledge of today's market and networking techniques. Wendy provided this leadership by taking the time to understand my needs as an individual, develop a strategy and provide timely feedback so that this strategy could be implemented. Wendy continues to stay in touch with me to see how my new career is progressing. I would strongly recommend Wendy to any professional in my similar situation!

—Chris Shorkey
Sr. Manager, Quality Assurance; eCommerce at Walmart eCommerce

Wendy was incredibly skillful in helping me identify and explore possible alternative careers. She was able to determine patterns in my responses to her questions and provided great insight based on this. In the end, she helped me identify that staying on my current career path made sense but it was important that my working environment change.

— Brian Whitaker 
Product Marketing Manager at SolarWinds

Wendy Nolin is the Valentina Tereshkova of career coaching. She will help navigate you through the dark holes and vast space of your professional journey, with a sense of direction and purpose worthy of an intrepid cosmonaut. And no, I'm not being hyperbolic. I found Wendy through a purely random Google search and was impressed by the no-nonsense, logical approach to coaching that she presented on her website. I wanted quantifiable, measurable results, and that's exactly what she provided. I highly recommend her to anyone like me who appreciates an honest, thorough and goal-oriented approach to career coaching.

—Leslee Beldotti
QA Lead

I was at a major fork in my career and was struggling to figure out if I should keep trying to get another job or concentrate on my startup business. I was distracting myself and pulling myself in too many directions. I knew I was probably self sabotaging in my job search as I really didn't want to get another job. Wendy helped me get all of my tangled thoughts out and then walked me through some purpose exercises to re-affirm what is important to me and allow me to re-articulate my purpose. Once my purpose was clear again it was easy for me to begin to set goals and take action from there.

— Shawn Ironmonger
Senior Product Manager, Paycor

Hi there, I’m Wendy, Possibilitarian…

…and Head Coach at Change Agent Careers. I’ve been coaching mid-level through executive-level professionals since 2008; people just like you who have experienced the need to re-enter the job market or make a job or career change.

I’ve enjoyed coaching more than 350 clients since starting in 2008. Professionals just like you have made professional transformations, career transitions, and personal reinventions. To date my coaching exceeds 12,000 hours, and clients include MDs, PhDs, JDs, MBAs, CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, COOs,VPs, Executive VPs, Directors, General Managers, Managing Directors, mid-level managers, and probably someone with your title!

I’ve worked with clients going through all manner of career transition and transformation; from a job change due to a bad boss [never happens!], to a total reinvention as a result of burnout. I’ve helped clients up-level and position for promotion, and down-level to make a graceful and well-thought-out exit.

Clients have hired me to help them escape golden handcuffs and start their own businesses, and liberate themselves from the 24/7 of small business ownership to enjoy a more stable and predictable career in the corporate world. I’ve helped folks implement a parallel strategy too; working their full time job while also hustling on the side.

No matter where you are on the career continuum, you have arrived at the only place specializing in online education tools dedicated to career development for the seasoned professional, by the seasoned professional.

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Get started TODAY by learning what dozens of HR experts agree you MUST do to capture, and KEEP, their attention to receive the job offer.

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